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ACL Starcraft 2 - League 1 Online Results

Final Results

1st. Moonglade
2nd. PiG
3rd. Pokerface
4th. Rossi
5th. SenSei
6th. tgun AU
7th. Ninja
8th. Techtron 0

9th. Mafia
10th. Sunder
11th. Grim
12th. Infeza
13th. Signs
14th. Deth
15th. Azz
16th. Pinder

17th. Pronkers
18th. Dippa
19th. Aiya
20th. Simon
21st. Gezza
22nd. Chad
23rd. Minimat
24th. Sensator
25th. Yang
26th. Ignorance
27th. Jerry
28th. Kayz
29th. Soup
30th. AusBox
31st. Shockwave
32nd. Forster

33rd. Ripped
34th. Miles
35th. Cynix
36th. Kez
37th. Bard
38th. Repneiras
39th. tbk
40th-43rd. Tezza
40th-43rd. Brutos
40th-43rd . Indoorshooter
40th-43rd. Blitzkreig

Tournament Progress

Double Elimination Bracket Here

Groups A-F

Groups G-L