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ACL Reach FFA Online Round 4 - EB Expo Qualifier

Sep 01 2012 02:00 PM | Beware  in ACL News
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ACL Halo Reach FFA Online Round 4 - EB Expo Qualifier!

The final ACL Halo Reach FFA Online Round of the 2012 ACL Pro Circuit is officially announced! Unlike typical ACL Online Rounds, this tournament will also play host to the Halo Reach FFA qualifier for the EB Expo tournament to be held later this year in October, live from Sydney! Placings mean everything in this tournament as the Halo Reach FFA tournament at EB Expo will be invite only, so make sure you get practicing!
The Finals event held at EB Expo's Home Grown Gaming Arena is an invite only tournament, meaning you have to qualify and earn your spot to play at EB Expo. This Online Qualifier is open to all players, giving everyone a fair and even opportunity to be showcased to Australia live at the EB Expo. This online qualifier will also seed yourself into two pools at EB Expo, meaning the better you do in this tournament the better chance you have at the Finals event.

Available Spots:
There are 16 individual spots available to be earned through this Online Qualifier. The top 16 placing entrants will earn a spot to compete at EB Expo and show off your skills in front of thousands of spectators and gamers. This Online Qualifier is the ONLY way to qualify to compete at EB Expo, so don't miss out!

ACL Halo Reach FFA Online Round 4 Landing Page:
See the ACL Reach 4v4 Online Round 4 landing page here.

September 16th

12pm AEST

Map & Gametype:
Map: MLG Zealot FFA V7
Gametype: MLG FFA V7

To register for this event go to the registration form here.

Registered Players:
For a full list of registered players for this event visit here.

Predictions and Discussion:
For all predictions and discussion on the event please use the ACL Reach FFA Online Round 4 Predictions and Discussion thread here.

Rules & Settings:
It is up to all players to ensure that you have the correct map and gametype downloaded and ready to play.
To read the Rules go here.

Tournament Structure:
Read the Tournament Structure here.

For this competition you must read the specific rules for FFA tournament play. EVERYONE is required to read these rules and abide by them as there will be no excuses for not doing so come tournament time. All participants are required to have 'aclpro com au' added to their friends list as this account will be used to referee this competition.
Remember, as always you must register, but you must also confirm your registration one week prior to the event. Anyone who doesn't confirm, does not compete!


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02 September 2012 - 06:10 PM
Its not Monday? ;)


06 September 2012 - 08:23 PM
I always forget to confirm! When does confirmation open :P?


06 September 2012 - 08:56 PM
It will open on Monday the 10th.
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