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EB Expo E-Sports Announced

Sep 04 2012 02:00 PM | Beware  in ACL News
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EB Expo to host the the EB Expo E-Sports Area!

Thats right, you read correctly! The EB Games Expo will play host to a massive E-Sports tournament which will offer tournaments for all your favourite competitive titles. Established as Australia's largest gaming exhibition the EB Expo will offer a plethora of gaming activities in their Home Grown Gaming section of the 2012 EB Games Expo! Showcased to thousands of spectators, boasting its own massive mainstage and prestigious gaming arena this event will be unlike anything you have ever seen in Australia. Be prepared to fight your way through the qualifying stages to have your chance to show off your skills at Home Grown Gaming area hosted at EB Expo!

EB Expo
Sydney Showground
1 Showground Road
Badgery Pavillion
Sydney Olympic Park,
NSW, 2127

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EB Expo Website
EB Expo Information
EB Expo Map
EB Expo Accomodation
EB Expo Home Grown Gaming Announced
EB Exbo Home Grown Gaming

About EB Games Expo:
It's official - Australia's biggest ever gaming event is coming to Sydney! Sprawling across Sydney Olympic Park in an area two and a half times the size of last year's Gold Coast event, EB Expo 2012 comes jam packed with all of last year's action enhanced to new levels you have never seen before. The EB Games Expo is a 3 day event showcasing all the latest upcoming and new release games, with many products playable for the first time in Australia before their release. There will be a large scale exhibition with Vendors presenting their products with live hands on game play. Some Vendors will present as part of EBLIVE where they may present unseen footage of upcoming unreleased games, they may also invite international or Australian game developers to present as part of their presentation.

Starcraft 2 1v1
League of Legends 5v5
FIFA 12 1v1
CoD: Modern Warfare 3 4v4
Halo Reach 4v4
Halo Reach FFA
Gears of War 3 4v4
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 1v1
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 1v1
Virtua Fighter 5 1v1
Dead or Alive 5 1v1
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 1v1

Equipment: Required
FIFA - Controller Only.
Starcraft 2 - Mouse/mousepad, keyboard, headset.
Console 4v4 titles - Controller, headset, game disk.

Tournament Structure:
The EB Expo E-Sports tournaments held in their Home Grown Gaming arena are mainly invite only tournaments, meaning you will have to qualify and earn your spot to compete in these tournaments. Online qualifiers and LAN qualifiers will be held for all invited titles, giving everyone a fair and even opportunity to be showcased to Australia live at the EB Expo. These qualifiers will also seed your team or yourself in a straight up double elimination bracket, making these qualifiers mean everything!

Below is information on how many qualification spots are open for each title:

Starcraft 2
16 players.

League of Legends
8 x teams of 5 players.

12 players from Online Qualifier. 4 qualification spots available from free play at EB Expo.

CoD: MW3
8 x teams of 4 players.

Halo Reach
4 x teams of 4 players.

Halo Reach FFA
16 players.

Gears of War 3
8 x teams of 4 players.

EB Expo E-Sports Qualifiers
Below are the Online Qualifier dates for the EB Expo E-Sports tournaments, presented by Australian Cyber League.

Halo Reach: 7th – 9th September - All Details here.
Gears of War 3: 14th – 16th September - All Details here.
League Of Legends: Qualifier 1: 8th September || Qualifier 2: 22nd September - All Details here.
Starcraft 2: Qualifier 1: 8th September || Qualifier 2: 16th September - All Details here.
CoD: MW3: 8th – 9th September - All Details here.
FIFA 12: 10th – 16th September - All Details here.
Halo Reach FFA: 16th September - All Details here.

Below are the Qualifier dates EB Expo E-Sports tournaments, presented by CouchWarriors. - Melbourne Qualifier, September 1st - Sydney Qualifier, September 1st - Brisbane Qualifier, September 15th

Event Schedule:
Friday: 10am - 10pm
Starcraft 2
Gears of War 3

Saturday: 10am - 10pm
Starcraft 2
League Of Legends
CoD: Modern Warfare 3

Sunday: 9am - 3pm
League Of Legends
Halo Reach 4v4
Halo Reach FFA

Entry & Spectator Information:
Qualified players get entry into Badgery Pavillion only, the Home Grown Area. If qualified players wish to visit other areas of the EB Expo they must purchase a full EB Expo pass.
All spectators must buy a EB Expo pass if they wish to spectate. EB Expo passes can be found here.

Qualified Player Information:
Once a player or a team has qualified for an EB Expo E-Sports title they must inform their respected ACL Admin whether or not they plan to attend the event. Clarification of attendance MUST be given on the same day a player or team qualifies. If you are unsure at the time you will be given 3 days to get back to ACL Admins otherwise your spot will be offered to the next down placing team or player.

Placement Rounds:
As per the information above, it is EXTREMELY important placement rounds are played in all EB Expo E-Sports Qualifiers. If a player or team choses not to participate in placement rounds then they will forfeit their placement position to the lowest possible outcome.

Accommodation Suggestions:
EB have organised a bunch of discounted accommodation close to the venue. To view their accommodation information visit the link here.

$4 per hour, up to a maximum fee of $20 per day. If you plan to visit Sydney Showground on the day of a major event pre-booked parking is recommended (some events at Sydney Olympic Park incur a flat rate of $20). For more information about Sydney Olympic Park parking go here.

2012 ACL National Finals:
Due to the enormous event that is the EB Expo E-Sports tournament Australian Cyber League will not be hosting another LAN event for 2012. While the EB Expo E-Sports event is not an ACL event, ACL will still crown our 2012 champions from placements in this tournament! You will still get to see all your friendly ACL staff at the event making sure all our regular tournaments are run smoothly.

For more information about the EB Games Expo visit their website here. For now, prepare yourselves for the EB Expo E-Sports Qualifiers and don't miss your chance to compete at the largest and most prestigious eSports event Australia has ever seen!


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fray Muzza 

05 September 2012 - 09:56 PM
Are qualified players going to be expected to play on the Friday for FIFA? Or will that just be for the 4 free play qualification spots?


05 September 2012 - 09:58 PM
At this point in time FIFA on Friday will only be free play. If this changes Brett will notify all qualified players.


06 September 2012 - 01:11 PM
if i read that correctly does this mean eb will be providing gaming consoles and monitors?


06 September 2012 - 02:36 PM

View PostVaniShz, on 06 September 2012 - 01:11 PM, said:

if i read that correctly does this mean eb will be providing gaming consoles and monitors?

ACL will be, but either way all you need to bring is what is mentioned above.
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