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What we do

The Australian Cyber League hosts the only nation-wide Xbox 360 LAN circuit. ACL is home to the greatest Halo, Call of Duty, StarCraft II, Fifa 11, Super Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 3 players in Australia. We give gamers the chance to prove their skill through online competitions as well as LAN events and contest for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Since 2009, ACL has run events in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, New Zealand in addition to a wealth of online events. With a growing number of supported competitive titles, 2012 looks to exceed 16 online events and massively increase LAN attendance numbers.

ACL first began in 2006 (Previously known as Australian Console League) when a group of like minded individuals were frustrated with the lack of tournaments for Halo 2. They took it upon themselves to run the most nationally recognised Halo tournament ever held in Australia. With a qualifier organised in each state, the season culminated in a grand final event held in Sydney. In 2009, ACL received a kickstart when new CEO, Nick Vanzetti, injected a large principal investment to take the organisation to new heights.

Australian Cyber League is looking to become bigger and better as we hold more frequent tournaments as well as branch out into other competitive games to give players a chance to prove their skills.

E-Sports is a fantastic hobby that brings together people from all cultures, race, sex and walks of life in a fun, safe and competitive environment. We're excited to watch e-Sports evolve and become mainstream and we are loving being a part of it.


  • Owner/Director - VaNzR (Nick)
  • 2iC Operations - Beware (Damien)
  • PR & Promotional Manager - Hooters (Nick)
  • Website Manager - Blade (JB)
  • Website Developer - Direct (Aaron)
  • Wesbsite Admin - Pyroteq (Jason)
  • CoD Manager - Nephix (Kris)
  • Starcraft Manager - DoX (Derek)
  • Fifa Manager - Peteh (Pete)
  • Halo Manager - Hoggy (Chris)
  • Graphics Staff - Brane (Branislav)
  • Presenters/Casters Manager - Inmaniac (Josh)

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If your company would like to advertise or promote with ACL please contact us as below.


ACL is dedicated to seeing the E-Sports community grow. We will endeavour to facilitate relationships with other gaming sites and communities if our interests are aligned.


Our staff are contactable via the PM system in the forums for personal or minor issues (click their names above). If you are wishing to contact us with regards to Advertising or Partnerships, please do so by emailing this address:

[email protected]

Spam, or irrelevant material will not be replied to.