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ACL Reach FFA Rules

Rules last updated 23/06/11.

  • MLG FFA gametype with MLG FFA Zealot, created by the XBL Gamertag: MLG Gametypes, must be used for all matches and must not be altered. The MLG FFA Zealot Map and MLG FFA Gametype can be downloaded here: Click here
  • All games must be played to the full 15 minutes regardless of kills as there is no kill limit. This means 15 minutes with no sudden death.

General Rules

  • No use of the Elite Armour Classification.
  • No leaving the normal boundaries of the map.
  • Use of any Armor Effects is forbidden, default Armor Effect must be selected at all times.

Breaking any of Gameplay Rules 1&2 will result in a Forfeit of the Game.

  • Players may not use a Turbo controller or a Button Macro controller. Turbo controllers allow Players to press a button that results in their Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press the same button multiple times. Button Macro controllers allow Players to press a button that results in their Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press multiple buttons.
  • Players may not use a controller that has been modified in such a way that it alters their Character’s abilities and/or in-game mechanics.
  • Players are allowed to make cosmetic changes to their controller.
  • Australian Cyber League reserves the right to deny the use of any controller suspected of providing an unfair competitive advantage.
  • In the case of an Xbox 360/Monitor malfunction on LAN the game will be restarted from the beginning. This rule does not apply if the game was an objective game where it was mathematically impossible for the other team to win.
  • In the case of an Xbox 360/Monitor malfunction Online a referree must be bought into handle the dispute and if nessecary the game will be restarted from the beginning. This rule does not apply if the gamee was an objective game where it was mathematically impossible for the other team to win.
All Matches
  • No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the match's first game has begun.
  • If by 15 minutes past the scheduled match time a player hasn't shown up they will forfeit the game and it will be started without them.
  • There will be a designated custom game lobby host for all match-ups, this will be chosen by the referee and listed in the information about each match up.
  • If the custom game lobby host is unable to host the lobby due to NAT issues a player from the matchup with an Open NAT is required to become the lobby host.
  • If the leader of the custom games lobby wrongly ends a game, they will penalised and potentially be disqualified from the compeition.
  • Having other players in your custom game lobby muted is strictly prohibited, in case a player requests the game be ended due to hosting or connecton problems.
  • Being in Private Chat or an Xbox Live Party is strictly prohibited during the compeition. It is suggested you play with your microphone on but do not speak unless necessary.
  • The custom game lobby should be set to Open but have the rescrition to 8 players max. This is in case a player lags out and needs to rejoin.
  • If a player that has lagged out cannot rejoin because the lobby leader has set the lobby to private the lobby leader can potentially be penalised/disqualified. If this occurs and the player was unable to rejoin the game before the completion of the match a referee must be called in to sort a possible restart of the match with all players in the game.
  • No team work is permitted at any time.
  • No communication during games, including communication of the location of a player/weapon and/or the amount of damage that a player has sustained.
  • No intentionally giving another player a kill.
  • Any players found to be using team work or teaming up to win will be disqualified, this will be determined by viewing of the film by a referee.

Online Rules

Hosting & Connection Issues
  • The game host must have a connection of atleast 0.50mb/s to have the right to host.
  • If 4 or more players agree that the host in unplayable then an alternate host must be chosen.
  • If a player is red-lining for 1 minute or longer consecutively in the first 4 minute of the game (11 minute mark) the game must be ended and the player will be allowed 5 minutes to sort out their connection. It is up to the lagging player to ask for the game to be ended, don't rely on the lobby host to do it without being asked. After the 5 minute period if the player doesn't return the game must commence without the player. If the problem persists the player must play as is and the game must continue until completion.
  • If a player red bars after the timer has reached the 11 minute mark, the game must continue until completion. The player can leave and re-join the match if need be.
  • If a player lags out or loses connection to the custom game the match within the first 4 minutes (11 minute mark) the game must be restarted. If the same player lags out in the first 4 minutes once again no restart it permitted, but the player may re-join.
  • If a player lags out after the 4 minutes (11 minute mark) no restart is allowed, but the player may re-join.
  • Restarts will be at the discretion of the referees.
  • Forced lagouts (through deliberate power cuts) will be deemed cheating and may result in banning from the competition.
  • All host selection issues must be resolved PRIOR to the game commencing. You cannot complain about host after the game has been played. This means that if you do not contest a host ruling during your game time, the end result is final.
NZ Players and Hosting
  • If there are more Australians in the lobby (ie. 5 Australians or more) a NZ player does not have the right to host the game. In the same respect, if their are more New Zealander players in a lobby (ie. 5 New Zealanders or more) a Australian player does not have the right to host the game.
  • If there is a tie of Australians and NZ's in the lobby (ie. 4 Australians and 4 NZ's) then anyone may host, as long as the host applies to the connection and hosting rules above.
  • If Halo: Reach defaults to giving an NZ player host when an Australian player has the right to host, a new lobby must be made by the player wishing to host. If the NZ player still pulls host and the host is playable, it must be played on.
  • Bridging is strictly forbidden. No exceptions.
Lan Setups & Competitors
  • You must have a maximum of two players on the same connection. If the players on the same connection are found to be cheating by working together they will be disqualified.
  • Any players found to be in breach of rule #1 may face disqualification, banning or have their points removed at the discretion of ACL.
  • Only people living in Australia or New Zealand may enter or play in this competition.
Referees & Conduct
  • Referees can be contacted via the Xbox Live accounts "aclpro com au" or "ACL Beware," or e-mailed at [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on MSN.
  • You must have aclpro com au and ACL Beware added to your friends lists. If you there is no room left on your friends list send either a message when requiring referee assistance.
  • Tournament admins will be sitting in open lobbies for the duration of the tournament to address any issues.
  • If a referee is called into a game lobby, players must keep them un-muted at all times.
  • Verbal abuse of a referee may result in a ban from the current and/or future competition(s). Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their players.
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour and verbal abuse to other players will not be tolerated. Punishable behavior includes, but is not limited to excessive use of foul or degrading language. Failure to comply may result in a ban from the current and/or future competition(s).
  • The winning player (first in the match) must report the match results within 30 minutes of completion through a designated results thread.
  • The winning player should post the result in the form of a link. If the winning player cannot post the results, it is up to him or her to organise another winning player (top 4) to do so.
  • Giving out free wins to better an opposing player is regarded as cheating and may result in both players being banned from the current/future competition(s).
  • If a match result is disputed, the disputing player team must contact a referee within 30 minutes.

LAN Rules

Player Conduct and Etiquette
  • No looking or screen-cheating at an opposing player’s monitors or projected screens by Players or Coaches.
  • No trying to work together or gang up with other players in your match.
  • No verbally calling out the positions or in any other way giving away the position of players in your match to the rest of the players in your match.
  • No communication between players and spectators during a match.
  • No intentional Forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate rankings or brackets.
  • No excessive use of vulgar language.
  • No excessive taunting of opposing Players, or Coaches, by Coaches. This includes remarks or attacks on opposings Players, Coaches or by Coaches involving ones personal beliefs, lifestyle choices/preferences, age, gender, height, weight or physcial appearance. If excessive taunting persists penalties such as forfeiting the game or even series may be enforced.
  • No standing on chairs, tables, or other tournament equipment.
  • No verbal abuse of Referees and other ACL tournament officials.
  • No excessive arguments with a Referee or other ACL tournament official resulting in the delay of a Match.
  • No use of vulgar language directed at a Player, Coach, or Spectator and No inciting Spectators into taunting a Player, Coach, or Spectator.
  • No throwing anything in the direction of an opposing Player(s) and/or Coach. No throwing objects that could cause injury into the crowd.
  • No post-match excessive taunting or celebration by Coaches or Players. Post-Match interactions between opposing Players and Coaches must be limited to acts of sportsmanship.
  • No stealing or touching/moving equipment or possesions that are not your own.
  • Absolutely no unsportsmanlike physical contact ever. Players who chose to participate in physical contact or fighting with any players, Coaches, Spectarors, Referees or Staff will be disqualified from the Event, removed from the venue and banned from future Events.
Hosting on LAN
  • All host choices must be made before the start of a match.
  • If there is a dispute on hosting then a referee must be called to handle the situation.
  • Mainstage equipment is to left as is. You may only change game disks, plug in/sync your controllers and set up your headsets with mainstage equipment.
  • On Mainstage equipment no accessing an Xbox 360’s dashboard settings, using a memory card or a USB flash drive, unplugging anything from a Monitors or Xbox 360 or touching power units without a Referee’s permission.
  • No touching or tampering with other players gaming setups.
  • No touching or moving tournament powerboards, powercords, switches or any other LAN equipment.
  • No excessive plugging in of devices to your xbox or tournament power such as Ipods, phone chargers, music devices etc.
  • Players wishing to play split screen may do so, up to 4 players on one screen if they wish.
  • All ACL tournaments are BYO equipment, there will be no equipment avaliable at tournaments for you to borrow or use.