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ACL Starcraft 2 Rules

How To Host A Custom Game

General Rules

  • Games are to be played on SEA unless both players agree to play their match on an alternative server (and it is cleared by an admin). If one player wants to play on SEA, and their opponent wants to play on an alternative server, the games are to be played on SEA.
  • Any inappropriate behavior/map hacking/any other form of cheating or abuse will result in a disqualification and potential banning from future ACL events.
  • For all Online Rounds ,Regional events & National events, specific map selection & veto procedures will be displayed on the bracket. (Click for Example)
  • If a player experiences technical issues, pause the match immediately and resolve the concern.
  • The first player to win two matches in a best of three set, three matches in a best of five set, or four matches in a best of seven set, will be regarded as the victor. The victor is required to notify the tournament administrator(s) of the score.
  • Spectators are not permitted and must be removed from the lobby before the game can begin. Exceptions are to be made for tournament administrators, streaming commentators and local spectator nodes.
  • All replays MUST be saved, or be able to be saved at admin request, under a recognisable format, ie: ACL_NSW_xGKingLight_vs_ArcMSiRossi_Game1.SC2Replay

Official Maplist:

  • Foxtrot Labs LE
  • Catallena LE
  • Nimbus LE
  • King Sejong Station LE
  • Overgrowth LE
  • Merry Go Round LE
  • Deadwing LE

Unfair Practices Subject to Penalty

The following is a list of rules and unfair practices. Any player or team caught breaking a rule or performing an infraction will be subject to either a warning, at the minimum, or a forfeit loss, at the discretion of the tournament administrator:

  • If the referee decides that external conditions (Press, Team Leader, Player, Spectator, Screen Cheat etc) give unfair advantage to a player, the team may be given a warning or loss by default at the tournament administrator’s sole discretion.
  • If a player experiences technical issues, pause the match immediately and notify an tournament administrator.
  • If disconnection occurs during a match due to an accidental error such as server outage or loss of power;
    - Within the first 3 minutes of in-game clock, the match is restarted.
    - If the disconnect occurs after the in-game clock reaches 3 minutes, the game will be recovered using the "Recover Game" feature within Battle.Net.
  • Do not talk excessively in global chat in-game, especially when requested by the other player. Abusive language can result in an immediately disqualification.
  • All participants must use their own valid accounts for the duration of the event. Exceptions need to be approved by a tournament administrator in advance.
  • Participants are required to notify a tournament administrator when taking breaks longer than 5 minutes.
  • Players must receive approval from the tournament administrator before leaving the venue.