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Fifa 2012 Rules

General Rules

Standard Fifa 12 Online Friendlies Rules Apply with these exceptions:

  • Squad Type must be set to "Online"
  • You can change teams at any time even during a series.
  • 6 minute halves
  • Normal Game Speed
  • Classic XI and World XI are not allowed
  • An invite must be sent using friendlies (Online Squads)
  • Live Season OFF
  • Use of any In-game Glitches is prohibited
  • We promote Competitive but FAIR game play at ACL

Extended Rules

Team Selection
Classic XI and World XI are not allowed Players may change teams at ANY point throughout the competition.


  • If a game starts with severe connection issues, both players must agree to start a new lobby AND game.
  • If the player that lost connection was ahead by 1 or more goals at the time when they disconnected, The match must be restarted.
  • If the match is a draw (0-0, 1-1 etc) before half time and a player has lost connection, the match must be restarted.
  • If a player is losing by 1 or more goals at any point in the game, or the game is a draw in the second half, the player that has disconnected forfeits the match. The player that was not disconnected wins by 1 goal, or the lead he obtained before the player disconnected.

Pool Play

  • Home and Away legs for each fixture.
  • Draws are a legitimate result.

Double Elimination

  • Double Elimination will be played out of a best of 3 games, but if 1 draw occurs then it will go on aggregate, away goals rule does NOT apply.
  • If both players have won a leg and have scored the same total amount of goals, a fourth game is started with a golden goal rule. The player who first concedes must quit out immediately.
  • You play one home leg, one away leg. The third game is hosted by the player with the higher starting seed.
  • If you play a second series against the same player, the player who won the previous round will hold the series advantage they attained. The losing player will have to win 2 best of threes. Whilst the winning player will have to win just one best of three.

LAN Tournaments

  • LAN Tournaments that don't feature an internet connection will be played through 'Kick Off'.
  • It must be ensured that all Ranked Head to Head rules are set.
  • Custom formations are allowed but there is to be NO man marking tactics applied.
  • All games on LAN will go to extra time and penalties in the result of a draw.

Reporting - Online

  • The winning player (first in the match) must report the match results within 30 minutes of completion through a designated results thread.
  • Only the winning player should post results. One post should equal the results of an entire fixture
  • Giving out free wins to better an opposing team's position is regarded as cheating and may result in both teams being banned from the current/future competition(s).
  • If a match result is disputed, the losing player must contact a referee within 30 minutes. In some cases, video evidence may be necessary.
  • If a player does not play at the scheduled time, for whatever reason, after 15 minutes, they forfeit the first game. Another 15 minutes they forfeit second game etc.