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Gears of War 3 Rules & Gametypes

Official ACL Gears of War 3 Rules & Gametypes

  • Rounds to Win: 4
  • Round Time Limit: 5
  • Number of Bots: 0
  • Classic Stalemates: On
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Weapon Respawn: After Pickup
  • Map Selection: Host Choose
  • Maps: Checkout, Clocktower, Cove, Drydock, Hotel, Old Town, Thrashball

  • King of the Hill
  • Round Score Limit: 210
  • Rounds to Win: 1
  • Number of Bots: 0
  • Bleed-Out Time: 20
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Weapon Respawn: After Pickup
  • Map Selection: Drydock, Rustlung, The Slab, Trenches

  • Starting Rifle: Lancer
  • Starting Shotgun: Gnasher

  • Weapons Swaps
  • Gorgon/Boltok Pistols will be swapped for Snub Pistol on all maps.
  • Slab Only Frag Grenades to Incendiary Grenades. Smoke Grenades to Ink Grenades. Boomshot to Digger.

    General Rules

    • Off host team always gets to choose whether they are COG or Locust.
    • Each team member must use different characters. Only ONE female character per COG and Locust team. Players are not allowed to use the LE characters AND the normal characters ie. 2 players cannot use Commando Dom and Commando Dom LE.
    • No exploits/glitches will be tolerated. ie. one shot glitch, invisible manning glitch, any of the Silverback glitches including the anti-stun quick exit and entry glitch, if you are caught doing any exploits/glitches you will be warned once and if it happens again you will automatically forfeit the map.

    Breaking any of Gameplay Rules 2-3 will result in a Forfeit of the Game.

    King of the Hill Rules
  • Every 53 seconds earned in the hill is the same as 1 round won. ie. 210 to 123 is the same as a 4–2 round count

  • All Matches
    • The higher ranked/seeded team must play as the red team for all games and the lower ranked/seeded team must play as the blue team for all games. This rule will only apply if there is a dispute upon colour selection.
    • No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the match's first game has begun.
    • If by 15 minutes past the scheduled match time, a team doesn't have enough players to play all of the games, the incomplete team forfeits the games they can't play.
    • If a team is online and they are not in a lobby together with the opposing team they are scheduled to verse and they are not ready to play ON TIME they will receive a warning. If this problem continues to persist with the same team they will start to forfeit games in the series to their opposing team.
    • All teams should be in a custom game lobby ready to play at least 10 minutes before the competition is scheduled to start at the beginning of each day.
    • If the leader of the games lobby wrongly ends a game, their team will forfeit the game.
    • In the event of a draw, you must continue on to the next gametype/setting. IN THE DOUBLE ELIM ONLY - If there is a tie, you will play a tiebreaker game. You will need to contact the referees to determine which map. In the event you meet up again, you will have already played your tiebreaker game. IN POOL PLAY - you do not replay a setting or go to tiebreakers for a series.
    • If teams meet for a 2nd time in the bracket, their match-up will expand to a Best of 11, include the previous series, and pick up where it left off. For example, if Team A beat Team B 3 Games to 0 in the Winners Bracket, the Best of 11 will resume with Game 4 of the original series and Team A leading 3 games to 0. Team A must win 3 more games to take the series, and Team B must win 6 games. The same host rules apply with odds and evens, the higher seeded team hosting odds.
    • The 7 round rule will be in place. This means that at the team with the most rounds at the end of the 7th round wins. If teams are tied then the match is played until a winner is found.
    • Matches will be streamed at the discretion of the ACL Admin Team. Should a team/player dispute the decision they will have the option to forfeit the match, use their teams substitute for the streamed match or play the match as is.
    • If the Teams scheduled to play each other in the Finals have not yet played against each other in the Event, an initial Match must be played using the Finals Game Types. If the Team that came from the Winners Bracket wins the initial Match, they will win the Event. If the Team that came from the Losers Bracket wins the initial Match, the Match will expand to a Best of 11, include the initial Match, and pick up where that Match left off. For example, if the Losers Bracket Team beat the Winners Bracket Team 3 Games to 0 in the initial Match, the Best of 11 will resume with Game 4 and the Losers Bracket Team leading 3 Games to 0.

    Placement Rounds
    • After LBR1 there will be 4 teams knocked out. To battle for their placings, they must enter two best of 5 series. Highest seed vs lowest seed, then the two middle seeds. The winner of both will play for 13th & 14th. The losers will play for 15th and 16th.
    • After LBR2 there will be 4 teams knocked out. To battle for their placings, they must enter two best of 5 series. Highest seed vs lowest seed, then the two middle seeds. The winner of both will play for 9th & 10th. The losers will play for 11th and 12th.
    • After LBR3 there will be 2 teams knocked out. To battle for their placings, they must enter a best of 5 series. The winner will take 7th position. The loser will take 8th position.
    • After LBR4 there will be 2 teams knocked out. To battle for their placings, they must enter a best of 5 series. The winner will take 5th position. The loser will take 6th position.
    • Placement rounds are regarded as a brand new matchup. There are NO continuations if the teams have met previously in the brackets. ie First to 3 wins in all cases.

    • Teams will be awarded points based on their result from 1st to 16th.
    • Placement rounds will be played to determine exact rankings.

    Online Rules

    Hosting & Connection Issues
    • In an ideal scenario, the higher seeded team must host the first, and oddly numbered rounds. Ie. The higher seed hosts games 1,3,5. The lower seeded team hosts games 2 and 4 if playing a best of 5 series. Rule 1 will only apply if a host can hold at least 6 players on green bar within one minute.
    • If Rule 1, by following Rule 2 cannot be applied due to inconsistent/intolerable hosts, the best connection must be applied for the entire series.
    • In the event a player lags out from a match and another player not from the competing team joins in their place the match must be ended and restarted immediately.
    • In the event a player drops out mid round the round will continue (Execution) If KOTH is the gametype the round will be restarted if 70 seconds or less are on the board (total, not per team). If the player who dropped out has not rejoined before the next round starts the host will need to back out to the lobby. The dropped out player will have 5 minutes to rejoin or the map will be forfeited. If after a further 5 minutes they have not rejoined the match will be forfeited.
    • Restarts will be at the discretion of the referees.
    • Forced lagouts (through deliberate power cuts) will be deemed as cheating and may result in banning from the competition.
    • All host selection issues MUST be resolved PRIOR to the game commencing. You cannot complain about host after the game has been played. This means that if you do not contest a host ruling during your game time, the final host result is final.
    • Teams meet for a 2nd time in the bracket, their match-up will expand to a Best of 7, include the previous series, and pick up where it left off. The same host rules apply with odds and evens, the higher seeded team hosting odds.
    • Neutral hosts will be allowed so long as both teams agree on the host.
    Lan Setups & Competitors
    • You may have a MAXIMUM of TWO PEOPLE on the same connection. This is an online competition, assuming most people are playing from different locations and communicating via headset. LANing gives a distinct advantage over others and will not be accepted.
    • Any team found to be in breach of 1. may face disqualification and ban from the competition.
    • A team found out to be in breach of 1., AFTER a RESULT, may face having their points removed at the discretion of ACL.
    • ACL referees will be equipped with methods of detecting more than two competitors on the same connection and will disqualify teams on the spot found in breach of this rule.
    • Only people living in Australia or New Zealand may enter or play in ACL competitions.
    Referees & Conduct
    • Referees can be contacted via ACL xbox live accounts.
    • Your team captain must have Midnite added to your friends lists.
    • You must add these referees prior to the tournament. Tournament admins will be sitting in these lobbies for the duration of the tournament to address any issues.
    • If a referee is called into a Game Lobby, players must keep them un-muted at all times. Failure to respond to a referee's statement regarding a ruling implies that players understand and agree with said ruling.
    • Verbal abuse of a referee may result in a ban from the current/and/or future online or LAN competition(s). Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their players.
    • Excessive disagreeing or arguing with a referees ruling will result in a warning, if the abuse persists the involved players and their team will be penalised.
    • ACL referees decisions are FINAL and they uphold the right to overrule any existing rule if the situation calls for it.
    • Unsportsmanlike behaviour and verbal abuse to other players will not be tolerated. Punishable behaviour includes, but is not limited to excessive use of foul or degrading language. Failure to comply may result in a ban from the current/and/or future competition(s).
    • The winning team must report the match results within 15 minutes of completion through a specifically designated results thread.
    • Only the winning team captain should post results. One post should equal the results of an entire series.
    • If winning teams are found to constantly not post results they will be given a warning.
    • Giving out free wins to better an opposing team's position is regarded as cheating and may result in both teams being banned from the current/future competition(s).
    • If a match result is disputed, the losing team captain must contact a referee within 30 minutes.
    • ONE substitute only is allowed under the following conditions.
    • A substitute cannot play or have played in another team in the competition. This means if you are knocked out, you cannot be recognized as a potential substitute for another team.
    • All substitutions must be made known to the referees and opposition PRIOR to the commencement of a series.
    • A substitution cannot be made during a series. If you know you must leave/depart soon, be prepared by making your substitution before or after a series. Any mid-series substitutions will result in a forfeit.
    • A player who holds top 24 status as of the current individual points rankings, can only substitute for a pro or semi-pro team (seeded 1st -16th). This means they cannot substitute for a team seeded 17th and below (18th, 19th etc) for any online event.
    • If all four core (registered) members of a team is online, then a team cannot use their substitute. This means you cannot 'chop and change' your lineup. Your substitute is only to be used as an emergency replacement or last resort.
    • Any breaking of 1. to 6. may result in a forfeit, regardless of how long it carries on for. If a team breaks these rules and places in a point scoring position, that team may have their placing and points stripped at the discretion of ACL.
    Substitutional Points
    • Players who were involved in a substitution will have their base points broken down into fragments of series played.
    • There is a weighting distribution worked out for substituted players and substitutes according to what level of the competition they played in.
    • The order of weighting is as follows(highest to lowest): Pro 4v4 double elim, Open 4v4 double elim, Open Pool Play, Pro Pool Play.
    • Essentially there are three points DIVISIONS to this competition. 1-8th position, 9th -16th position and 17th-24th position.
    • If you were involved in a substitution and your team placed in any of these points divisions, you will receive points - both as a player substituted or as a substitute.

    InControl - Subs Adz

    • For a Division 1 placing (1st - 8th). The team will have competed in 2-3 (of a possible 3) components of the competition. A pro seeded team like FRAY will compete in Pro Pool Play and a Pro bracket double elimination.
      Lets say on Saturday, the entire original FRAY lineup plays. On Sunday, Hef is hungover and FRAY use Adz as a substitute for 2 series out of 5 played. They place 1st. Adz will get a fraction of the player's base points for the amount of series he has played. Ie Adz gets 2/5 of Hef's points, Hef getting the remaining 3/5
    • If Hef went out Friday Night and was hungover on Saturday, Adz fills in for 5 series of 7 played in Pro Pool Play, but Hef plays all of Sunday's double bracket elimination. Pro Pool Play has a lesser weighting due to the fact this is a seeding process only. Thus, Adz will get 5/7 (series played in Pro Pool Play) of 1/9 of the total points allocated to Hef. This is because Hef's role is much more important on Sunday in the double elimination Pro Finals. This means Adz gets 5/63 of Hef's points.

    YEAH - Subs Brainseeker

    • Team YEAH place 20th Overall and do not continue to the Pro 4v4 on Sunday. They use Brainseeker to replace Somedude242 for 3 series out of 7 of Open Pool Play. They do NOT use Brainseeker during the Open Bracket double elimination round. Because the double bracket elimination is more important, there is more weighting for competing in this. However, the Open Pool Play is IMPORTANT to reach the next stage of the competition, unlike the Pro Pool Play which is more social. Thus, Brainseeker will get a fraction, of 1/3 of the series he played, which was 3/7. So, Brainseeker will get 3/21, or 1/7 of Somedude242s points allocation.
    • If Brainseeker filled in for the double bracket elimination, not the Pool Play and played 1 series of 4 played he would get 2/3 of the series he had played. So Brainseeker would get 1/6 of points allocated to Somedude242. From the flipside, Somedude242 gets a full 1/3 of points for playing all of the Open Pool Play and also 3/4 of his 2/3 for playing most of the double elimination series. So Somedude242 would get 1/2 PLUS 1/3 of total points. That's 3/6 + 2/6 = 5/6 of total points.

    PROTOTYPE - Subs Halvo

    Lets say Prototype places 8th OVERALL. They will have competed in Open pool play, Open double bracket elimination and also Pro double bracket elimination.

    • If they sub out Mantis for Halvo in the Open double bracket elimination, a similar process is applied as per when Brainseeker played in the Open Pool Play. Essentially, the LOWER component of the competition is worth 1/3, while the upper part is worth 2/3. Halvo would receive 1/3 of the amount of series played worth of Mantis' overall points. If Halvo subs in on Sunday, then he would get 2/3, because the Pro double bracket elimination bears most weighting.
    • If Prototype use Halvo for ALL of the Open Pool Play, but their original lineup through the rest of the tournament, then Halvo will get lesser points again - 1/6 of potential allocated points to Mantis. This means, that a THIRD TIER has been added to the competition. While the Open Pool Play is important to a team that comes 17-24th, it is no longer as important to a team like Prototype who have come up through to place 8th. The same would occur for any open team that places in the top 16. Side note: A substitute must have played a minimum of 3 series in the pool play to receive 1/6 of overall points. If Halvo played ANY LESS than 3 series, he will receive 1/9 of points.

    LAN Rules

    Player Conduct and Etiquette
    • No looking or screen-cheating at an opposing Player’s monitors or projected screens by Players or Coaches.
    • No communication between Players and Spectators during a Match.
    • No intentional Forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate Rankings or Brackets.
    • No excessive use of vulgar language.
    • No excessive taunting of opposing Players, or Coaches, by Coaches. This includes remarks or attacks on opposings Players, Coaches or by Coaches involving ones personal beliefs, lifestyle choices/preferences, age, gender, height, weight or physcial appearance. If excessive taunting persists penalties such as forfeiting the game or even series may be enforced.
    • No standing on chairs, tables, or other tournament equipment.
    • No verbal abuse of Referees and other ACL tournament officials.
    • No excessive arguments with a Referee or other ACL tournament official resulting in the delay of a Match.
    • No use of vulgar language directed at a Player, Coach, or Spectator and No inciting Spectators into taunting a Player, Coach, or Spectator.
    • No throwing anything in the direction of an opposing Player(s) and/or Coach. No throwing objects that could cause injury into the crowd.
    • No post-match excessive taunting or celebration by Coaches or Players. Post-Match interactions between opposing Players and Coaches must be limited to acts of sportsmanship.
    • No stealing or touching/moving equipment or possesions that are not your own.
    • Absolutely no unsportsmanlike physical contact ever. Players who chose to participate in physical contact or fighting with any players, Coaches, Spectarors, Referees or Staff will be disqualified from the Event, removed from the venue and banned from future Events.
    Hosting on LAN
    • All Host choices must be made before the start of a Match.
    • If there is a dispute about hosting then the rule will default to the Higher Seeded Team hosting majority of the games, First and Third in a Bo3 series or First, Third and Fifth in a Bo5 series. The lower seeded Team will then host the rest of the games, them being the Second game in a Bo3 series or the Second and Fourth games in a Bo5 series.
    • Teams may request that they be allowed to give up their hosting privileges for one, more or all their games. The opposing Team must then accept or reject the opportunity to Host those games.
    • Mainstage equipment is to left as is. You may only change game disks, plug in/sync your controllers and set up your headsets with mainstage equipment.
    • On Mainstage equipment no accessing an Xbox 360’s dashboard settings, using a memory card or a USB flash drive, unplugging anything from a Monitors or Xbox 360 or touching power units without a Referee’s permission.
    • No touching or tampering with other players gaming setups.
    • No touching or moving tournament powerboards, powercords, switches or any other LAN equipment.
    • No excessive plugging in of devices to your xbox or tournament power such as Ipods, phone chargers, music devices etc.
    • Players wishing to play split screen may do so, up to 4 players on one screen if they wish.
    • All ACL tournaments are BYO equipment, there will be no equipment avaliable at tournaments for you to borrow or use.